If you want to improve the shape of muscles of your arms faster or build stronger biceps, then you can make it possible by following some advanced training tips instead of working hard in the gym. You can use these techniques to develop certain muscle groups in your arms. The muscles in your arms, being smaller than other muscles in your body, typically respond a bit late to your efforts. Three bicep building techniques you should try to get faster results than your expectations.

Workouts and exercises to build biceps faster

Drop sets

man building biceps

This method can help you in building your biceps faster. You will have to perform one set, until you are likely to be exhausted, at your standard weight. Then carry out the second set immediately after dropping the weight by five to ten pounds. Then while starting the third set, you should again drop five to ten pounds of weight. Usually, people get desired results after three sets, but if you want to do more, then you can continue the process until you reduce the weight available on the dumbbell rack substantially.


This bicep building technique can also be used along with triceps workouts so that you can make better use of your time at the gym along with pumping your muscles to their best. Your muscles get pumped by increasing the flow of blood to their tissues. Though it is a temporary phase, it can also help in increasing the speed of the delivery of the nutrients and oxygen into your muscles which helps them in gaining size and strength permanently.

Half reps

It is considered as the last technique for building biceps. It is a perfect method for pushing your biceps a bit more by increasing your fatigue a step ahead. In this method, you will have to perform a set as normally you do. Then you will have to carry out half reps as soon as your first set is going to complete. For this, you will have to use half range of motion from the bottom.

Then as soon as it finishes you will have to use the half range of the movement from the top to do another half rep. After that, you will have to use your full range of motion to perform a full set again. But to give a maximum push to your muscles, you should remember to use lighter weights.…