What You Need To Know About The Anal Bleaching Procedure

The color of the skin around the anal area is often dark compared to other parts of the body. Many men and women usually resort to anal bleaching to make it a bit lighter so that it’s uniform with the rest of the skin.

Anal bleaching is basically the process of lighting the dark skin color around the anus. It helps make the color of the anal area more uniform with the rest of the body. In most cases, it’s done for cosmetic purposes (especially models and adult entertainment stars). However, the procedure has now become very popular as more people are looking for more ways to enhance their overall body looks. A lot of them prefers the all natural procedure. In fact, there is even skin whitening for men. So, anal bleaching is really good for both men and women.

Common lightening products are usually creams, lotions, and gels. Other popular methods such as laser lightening and cryosurgery are also used for anal bleaching.

Salon Treatment or DIY?

fssyshsssasaSome people prefer getting the treatment in the salon while others prefer doing it at home. While doing it at home may save you some fee charges, having it done by professionals can bring out the best results. It also helps you avoid the hassles the procedure comes with especially when you decide to do it yourself.

Regardless of your choice, the bleaching procedure is exactly the same.

The Anal Bleaching Procedure

The anal bleaching procedure basically involves two major steps. These steps include;

Step I: Preparation of the Anal Area to be Bleached

This step involves thorough preparation of the anal area set to be bleached.

• The anal area is shaved smoothly to remove any hair. Hair may distract the bleaching process, and the results may therefore not be desirable. Exposing the skin allows for a smooth bleaching process.

• The area is cleaned with warm soapy water and a washing cloth to remove any dirt. The anal area tends to hold much dirt mostly due to the excess moisture and skin folding.

• Skin exfoliation is done to help remove the excess dry skin on the skin around the anal area. Exfoliation must be performed gently as the skin around this area is a bit delicate. This is because applying a bleaching agent on a broken skin may cause dangerous health complications.

• Drying the skin properly is done to allow for better absorbing of the bleaching agent

Step II: Application of the Bleaching Agent

hsahgsa67sagaThe second step is applying the bleaching agent on the clean and dry skin in the anal area.

• The bleach is applied externally and rubbed on the darkened area until it becomes completely absorbed.

• The bleach is applied twice daily, in the morning and night until the desired skin lightness is achieved

• Should the skin go back to being dark after some time, the procedure is repeated.

The anal bleaching procedure is an excellent way to achieving a uniform body color. It’s a relatively easy procedure and is also affordable.…