Delicious in the mouth, horrible all over the body. What sort of marketing trick has made countless families eat cake for breakfast these days? Cakes for breakfast are not a good idea if you are trying to stay healthy. Luckily, you can still eat sandwiches without even eating a cake for breakfast.

Egg and Banana Pancakes

I like to enhance the flavor with a pinch of sea salt, a good extract of vanilla and hot cinnamon, but each of these is optional. You can visit Creazy to know how to make it taste better using whipped cream. You may have seen these healthy pancakes on both Instagram and Pinterest and tried them only to make a mess on your pan.

To get the best and healthiest sandwiches, use moderate heat and let the pan heat up properly. The pan must also be at the perfect temperature to get the perfect pancakes. Problems with pancake size. If they are much larger than your spatula, you will have difficulty turning them. For each serving, you will probably need a medium or large ripe banana and two large eggs. 


If you have purchased a new/professional gas stove, start with medium-low heat, as these puppies have more energy than a regular stove. Stir until the banana is well blended, about 30-60 minutes, and still not too much air (the eggs will open slowly as a reminder if you let them go too long). Add half a teaspoon of coconut oil into the pan and spread with a spatula until the batter is added. Do not preheat the oil together with the pan, as this would make it too hot. Grapeseed oil or macadamia oil can do the job again, but olive oil does not have a high enough flash point and will smoke a lot. 

Only use 100% royal maple syrup – the pancake syrup lots are corn syrup with pecan burger pickle. Honey can also be delicious in these pancakes, as it is likely that the raw honey is processed and has a lower glycemic index than honey alone. The label will indicate that it is natural. Finally, let the pan cool down. If you need to wash it, use hot water and make sure you add salt, but never soap, also make sure it is scorched so that it does not rust. Cooking in cast iron is a little dance, but when you have done it, and the pan is seasoned, it is super fast and easy because it doesn’t need to be washed; remove all visible food leftovers and keep the pan in a locker.

Enjoy your meal.